Francis Howell Wrestling Booster Club

2023 – 2024

Board Members

President  –  Kati Smith

Vice President – Boys  –  Jeff Rosales

Vice President – Girls  –  Michelle Laure 

Treasurer  –  Sean Ryan

Secretary  –  Shannon Galati

Boys Head Coach  –  Joshua Sampo

Girls Head Coach  –  TC Brown

Booster Committees?

Concessions  –  TBD

Fundraising Coordinator  –  TBD

Shakespeare’s Pizza  –  TBD

Egg My Yard  –  TBD

Dining Out –  TBD

Website –  TBD

Photographers –  TBD


Trivia Night  –  Amanda Becker

Alumni Night  –  TBD

Senior Night  –  TBD

Teacher Night  –  TBD

Little League Wrestling Liaison  –  Wendy Corley


Note: Any and all donations beyond booster fees are appreciated and as a 501(c)3 are tax deductible. Feel free to use your receipt (check your email for confirmation of donation) or contact us for a donation letter.

Feel free to Paypal us donations at any time here.

The booster club is an integral part of the Howell wrestling.   All parents are asked to help out in some capacity.   More information  to come soon.